Meet Andy

When planning our first Dune shoot, we were drawn to Andy not only for her natural beauty, but the fact that she is beautiful on the inside and out. After chatting we realised our mutual love for Miss BB and also that our love of the ocean, carefree lifestyle and passions also align.

Andy on her loves, life & every day

You are one talented lady, not only do you Model but you write and also have your own business, tell us about your other projects?

Aw, thanks so much! I have a degree in Business and master’s in Journalism, as well as a 500hr YTT Yoga certification, so I try to make use of all of these whenever I can!  

Up until recently modelling was always something I did on the side, having always prioritised other pursuits to keep things varied. I freelanced as a writer for quite some time and worked for lots of different publications, digital and print. I also have a lifestyle blog that does really well in the surf & yoga space which is very much a passion project and has given me amazing opportunities and avenues to explore. It’s led to hosting many all-girls surf & yoga retreats as well as some amazing surf trips around the world. I can safely say that everything I’ve done career wise up until now has been to fuel my two loves: surfing and yoga!

My proudest achievement to date is the launch of my new business, co-founded with my best friend and now business partner Ashleigh McKay. MUDE is an online shopping platform that retails influencer products and brands. Our focus is to create a network of women supporting one another in business, which is why we developed MUDE as a unique destination for women with a presence on social media to showcase their brands on one global platform. We came up with the idea during COVID lockdown back in April 2020, and successfully launched 6 months later in December 2020.

 In addition to building the website, we created a coffee table book “Women Of Influence” to celebrate our launch and share the stories behind each of the women and businesses involved in MUDE.   

We are very proud to represent some amazing brands and women on the website, such as Elle Macpherson and her namesake wellness products, WelleCo, as well as Victoria Secret model Devon Windsor with her swim line DW Swim, among many other talented, ambitious women who have built a name for themselves.

What does a day in the life of Andy look like?

 Everyday is a little different, but I really love starting my day with a combination of a morning swim, coffee, journaling, meditation, yoga and/or surfing. I have a few non-negotiables to set myself up in the morning and start my day on the right foot.

If I’m shooting, it’s most likely an early call time in the morning so I’m a little more flexible on those days and try to squeeze in an end-of day swim or yoga class.

When I’m home in Sydney, my days usually involve teaching a yoga class, answering a bunch of emails, packing orders for MUDE when required and catching up with my bestie and business partner Ash. We chat every single day to keep up to date on what needs to be done, and are currently working towards some big new things for the business. 

Your favourite piece from the Dune shoot and how you wear it?

 I absolutely love the white Avalon Dress! One of my favourite scenes to shoot was dancing in the library, and the dress is so flowy and light. The cotton is soft which means it’s perfect to hang around at home with. If I’m going out I would definitely pair it with some cute boots (like the brown Rowie ones we shot with!) and maybe a nice hat. I’m very simple when it comes to fashion so really love the easy-going style of the dress.

Andy wears the Avalon Dress Off White & Avalon Dress Sage

 When you’re not working, you’re….? 

Surfing with girlfriends, taking a yoga class at my favourite studio, reading a good book in the sun, wasting time on the floor with our golden retriever, Bundy.

 At Dune we are always dreaming of an eternal Summer, what’s your favourite thing about Summer? 

Summer is pretty much the only season I acknowledge! Ha ha, I am a beach gal through and through and really struggle with any sort of cold weather. I love the long days in summer, when the sunsets around 8pm and you can go for evening swims.

"Everyone comes alive in the warmth of the sun, it’s such a special time of year. Surf and beach picnics all day, and maybe a margarita or two under the moonlight ;)"

 What are you beach, holiday essentials? 

Surf zinc, hat, beach towel and a cute beach dress/cover up (like my white Dune The Label dress). Seriously though, the sun around here is no joke and the older I get the more I realise you really have to do all you can to protect yourself from sun damage – it’s really hard to reverse!

Andy wears the Sundowner Kaftan in Off White

Before and after work ritual? 

Wake up – Swim, coffee, journal/meditate/focus on the things I’m grateful for

After work – Afternoon swim to wash off the day, maybe a surf if it looks good, or a yoga class to wind down.

Who and what inspires you?  

Many things and places inspire me, but I always feel most inspired anywhere by the ocean. There’s something to be said about the grounded and calming nature of the sea. Whether surfing or swimming, it always makes me feel better no matter what and helps me get creative.

" My friends and more specifically, the women in my everyday inspire me! Being surrounded by like-minded women who are creative, driven and independent has always been a huge push for me to make my own decisions and carve my own path. You really are a product of who you spend the most time with!"

Favourite shoot you’ve ever been on?

Hands down, this one! I absolutely loved working with everyone. From the creative concept, to the house, working with Brooke the photographer on film was also such a special experience. Everyone had a clear vision and enthusiasm to create the look for the shoot and it was so much fun to see everyone do their part and bring it all together. Kirby the stylist and Alexis on HMUA are also so lovely to work with. Not to mention Natasha.


Andy wears the Midi Sundress 

Who is your style muse? 

Brigitte Bardot has always been a massive influence for me, fashion or otherwise. 

Being half French thanks to my mum, we have both always loved BB’s style and essence of being. I’ve read her autobiography countless times, watched all her movies and spent many summers in the south of France with family and friends, always channeling her energy with my own. She had this ease about her that can only be described as effortless, unique and genuine. Getting to shoot this campaign inspired by her, on film with Brooke was really a treat. I felt almost transported back in time. 

X X X 

You can find MUDE and the book "Women Of Influence here

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