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We love surrounding ourselves with creative, kind & independent Women and this talented lady is definitely all of these things.…meet Kirby Daniels from Rise of She Creative & Jewellery brand Margaux Lee.


 For those that don’t know you, introduce yourself….
I’m Kirby- I am a freelance Stylist; I also do some production & photography as well.
I am a mother of two lovely daughters 3ish & 6ish, so I am so grateful to be able to have flexibility within my work life to create as much time & space for my girls & my husband.
How did your career as a stylist, creative consult for brands and an all round fashion creative guru in the industry begin?  
I have a fashion design degree which I attained after high school & a few months back packing over seas. I had a few moments of seeing the darker side of the fashion industry & the design scene at the time & I really didn’t feel aligned with that path or that scene, I found myself in visual merchandising & loving that, then my beautiful daughter Olive came along & I was determined to work for myself & be able to run my own schedule to be there for her whenever she needed. I started with a vintage store & built up a few creative shoots from there pushing some styling limits & finding my own way in that industry as a new mum & freelancer, luckily within the creative industries especially up here in Byron everyone is so lovely & so heart felt in their work that I regularly have the opportunity to bring together groups to create projects that everyone can feel seen & heard in.
"I am so grateful to work with so many beautiful brands & people, I love styling big productions & always love coming back to creating shoots with first time brands, giving the brands that confidence to put their creations out in the world & be 100% proud of the way its been projected is such a special thing."
Tell us about your jewellery brand Margaux Lee….
So Margaux Lee (an alter ego if you will of a cool French gal that has style to boot & gives zero fucks) was created when I was sick of struggling to loan jewellery for shoots only to have tarnish or have to be bought because of damage from various oils & water etc on shoots. I created a few pieces & had them done with a stainless steel base metal so they are super hardy & don’t cause any allergic reactions with the lovely models I place them upon, it grew form there with people on set asking about them & where they could get them so I created my little side baby ML.
What has been the highlight of your Rise of She career to date?
There's so many but the continuing stand out is the caliber of creative on each set I have been lucky enough to be on.
Essentials when working on a shoot day as a stylist?
Hat – a big hat, standard procedure sunscreen, water & some GF snacks.
We can be out in the elements for upward of 10hrs so I’ve learnt my lesson with the random tan lines & sunburn & dehydration.
Also V important to have some tunes for daggy dancing to keep the vibes up.
Your biggest personal influence/muse?
My biggest personal muse would be my mate mother, well the younger version pre mum mum. She had daring & impeccable taste in clothes & savoured so many little trinkets, it was all about the little details. Industry muse would be Kate moss because she is the OG Babe, & Erin Wasson as she really has a flare off camera for styling her home & outfits.
What’s on your soundtrack to keep the creative juices flowing?
I love so many different kinds of music but I cant go past some bob Dylan at the moment
Or little dragon – two ends of the scale hehe.
What does a day in the life of Kirby look like?
I spend the morning getting my girls ready for school & kindy, Grab a coffee or go for a little walk & head into my studio which I share with the loveliest sister duo of Taninaka San.
I go through all my emails & do my best to get on top of replies. I will usually shoot some content on both film & digital for a couple of brands including my own.
My days vary so much- I can be out sourcing props or styling pieces for a shoot or head down doing website changes & packing order for Margaux Lee. I’m a pisces & cannot handle doing one thing at a time (don’t be fooled this doesn’t mean I’m actually great at juggling).
Having the freedom to change my movements & focus each day is something I do not take for granted.
Your favourite piece from the Dune shoot and how you would style it?
I Love the Avalon Dress in the off white – having the option to wear it backwards is huge, & its such an easy piece to layer so I can wear it in winter. I can't wait to throw it on over a one piece & ride down the beach in Summer.
Your beach, holiday essentials?
Avalon Dress, sun protection, & good book.
Oh I cant wait to have that warm relaxed summer feeling again.
Who and what inspires you?
We are so lucky to live in such an inspiring community,
"I’m mainly inspired by people unapologetically expressing themselves & doing what they love. From the passionate buskers outside Mullum Santos to all the amazing women creating their own brands & businesses. I am so in love with the amount of female empowerment we are seeing evolve, I have great hopes for our future creators & the works they will create without judgment just freedom of expression."
You can find Rise of She Creative & Margaux Lee Jewellery here ~
Rise of She Creative @theriseofshe.creative
Margaux Lee Jewellery -
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